Fun to Read / Fun to Build

Graphics in the architecture industry are for persuading possible clients to build a project.  Illustrations for this purpose deserve long hours and bold statements but where does this mind set go once we’ve gotten the job?

Preparing construction drawings is a daunting task to say the least and Revit doesn’t make it any easier.  Often times this becomes the most boring part of an architect’s job.  I believe that this part of the job should be an exciting process.  Drawing up the joinery and figuring out how things really go together is a huge part of architecture and we, as architects, should treasure how a building is put together.  Expressing an idea to a builder has a graphic solution contained in the building prints.  Why aren’t these graphics that we hand builders graphically appealing?  Why can’t these drawings be just as fun as our doodles that inspire design?

I would like to experiment with this idea. If the graphics to build a project are just as colorful and fun as illustrations but still maintained the level of instruction would it be a more enjoyable construction for the builder?


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