Japan Drop 3


Asakusa, Tokyo!

This drop contains images from a very interesting area of Tokyo called Asakusa.  The beads that I received from the Senso-ji temple I still haven’t taken off to this day.  This temple complex is extremely spiritual and full of life.  In the promenade, souvenirs are sold ranging from small trinkets to large katanas and beautiful kimonos.  The main grounds of the temple are protected by the Hozomon Gate.  This gate is extremely detailed and holds one of the three ginormous lanterns as well as expertly carved wood figures.  The skilled craftsmen of the temple did not only design and built the architecture present here, but they also created the sculptures, details and pictures carved into it.  According to the legends of Asakusa, two brothers fished the statue of Kannon (goddess of mercy) from the river Sumida.  They tried to put the statue back into the river but fortunately the statue would always return to them.  After this phenomenon, they planned to build a temple which started in 628 A.D. and was finally completed in 645 A.D.  There is so much this area can offer to anyone visiting.  Senso-ji is exquisitely detailed and is best seen on a clear blue day to contrast the red architecture.  I would go back in a heartbeat.

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