Elkins Lookout

The Elkins Lookout is a pavilion that gives its surrounding forest a new perspective for visitors.  Using a module of varying scales, the space filters light, as well as elevates the adventurer using an extended path up to the trees.  When interconnected, the modules create a cylindrical form that is perforated to frame views.  These punched views give lookout points for people to observe all the wildlife and nature in Elkins Park.


Studio Fall ’17

The Philadelphia Center for Arts and Culture (PCAC) houses three programs: a theater, a gallery and a library. These functions are vital to the community as they are sources of culture and knowledge.  This structure is situated at the corner of Spruce and 18th Street- a prominent neighborhood of Philadelphia near Rittenhouse Square Park.


Open-Air Roppongi (OAR) creates an experience of a landscape gallery in a tight urban site. Points of interest in this area include the National Art Center, Mori Art Museum and the Roppongi Hills Museum.  All three museums address the community and art independently, but with OAR’s centralized location, these three museums become a unified procession through the Roppongi Art Triangle.

Maker’s Monolith

The Maker’s Monolith is a concrete rowhome designed for a bronze sculptor to live, make and sell his work.  Within the concrete walls lies a truly spirtual space that blurs the boundaries of inside and out.


The Maker’s Day:

Water drips down wood cast walls of concrete into the reflections below

The shop that creates your work: Clay, Wax, Plaster, Bronze

Gleaming statues from the rain that has just passed.  Pools of tranquil water at their feet and rough casted concrete all around